If you have ever come across the task of removing large amounts of water from anywhere, then you are definitely aware how useful and indispensable a good water pump is. Water pumps come in two major types: electric and diesel powered water pumps. Electric water pumps are the most common type and are mostly applied for indoor small-scale tasks. They are used for removing water from anywhere whether it is clearing a flooded basement, emptying a pool or a pond, pumping water for irrigation. In short, they offer easy water removal service, are extremely versatile in their applications and may be quite handy for various domestic tasks. What makes those electric water pumps even more attractive is that they are lightweight and require less upkeep or regular maintenance, such as oil change and other trivial tasks, which may turn your life into a nightmare.

Most of the customers seek for a reliable and lightweight electric pump to install in their ponds or fountains. The careful selection of the right electric pump is very important, as actually a good pump is an essential component of a thriving pond. Once you have purchased the wrong pump, you may easily turn your pond into a scum field or even a mosquito laden ordeal.

Little Giant 518400 Epoxy Encapsulated Pump

Little Giant 518400 Epoxy Encapsulated Pump

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This encapsulated pump is designed and assembled by the world’s recognized and the largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors, Franklin Electrics. Little Giant 518400 is a small, submersible epoxy-encapsulated and portable electric water pump.

These particular multi-purpose pumps are versatile and capable of targeting a number of household needs. The applications of a Little Giant include statuary fountains, water displays, air conditioners, machine tool coolants and other uses where liquid must be transferred or recirculated. It easily removes water from such areas as aquariums, flooded basements and tanks.

This compact 300 GPH pump weights approximately four pounds and features a ¼ MNPT discharge, 12.2 shut-off capability, screened inlet and a 6’ power cord. The pump has thermal overload protection and is designed for submersible use only. It is covered with glass-filled polyester.
It is a great choice, as many customers have praised the longevity and durability of this lightweight device. Without a doubt, Little Giant 518400 is a great choice.

Pros Cons
Durable, reliable and long-lasting: customers claim this electric water pump to provide constant service for over 16 years
Easy to install
No priming is necessary
Runs quietly
The filter is smaller compared with other models, hence, may need to be cleaned more often
Freezes under low temperatures

Homasy Upgraded 80 GPH

Homasy 80 GPH

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This small electric pump for water is unique among the vast variety of other electric pumps due to its feature to support about 48 hours of dry burning. This is quite an indispensable quality for the users, as there is no need to worry about the quantity of the water in the water tank while you are out for a short trip. The motor runs at an ultra-quiet level producing no noise and safeguarding a quiet environment. Even if you install this powerful device in your bedroom, it is guaranteed that it will not disturb your sleep.

The device is truly small, its dimensions are 45*40*30 mm. It easily fits in the palm of the hand. This is yet another advantage, as its small size allows more mounting options making the pump hidden to the naked eye. The suction cups allow to mount the pump onto the glass surface. It weighs just 140 grams but provides the maximum flow rate of 79.25 GPH. Homasy 80 GPH is capable of elevating the column of water up to 2.6 feet. As indicated in the title, the device is twice more powerful than the original one, as it pumps 80 gallons per minute.

For such a tiny device, Homasy Upgraded 80 GPH has a number of advantages, among which is the ease to disassemble it. No additional tools are required to disassemble the electric water pump making it easy to separate and clean the whole device. However, it is noteworthy to mention that like most of the other pumps, this one too should be regularly cleaned to avoid debris blockage and noise (the pump makes loud noise if blocked). Homasy 80 GPH is designed and works perfectly for small (tabletop) fountains and ponds, medium-sized aquariums, water gardens and hydroponic systems.
In the plain speak, this particular water pump is quite impressive considering its low price and all the features it comes with.

Pros Cons
Affordable price: one of the least expensive water pumps in the market
A perfect choice for aquariums, ponds and hydroponics
Reliable and durable motor
Adjustable flow rate
Equipped with two nozzles. One is 8.5 mm, and the second is 13 mm. Hence, the device provides different water flow effects.
Comes with suction cup feet for stability
Thin power cord, which is easy to hide
Gets clogged easily
Makes a whirring noise if blocked
No flute tube included
Short power cord

Homasy 400GPH Submersible Pump 25W

Homasy 400GPH Submersible Pump 25W

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Homasy 400GPH, a compact and multifunctional submersible water pump, is yet another noteworthy device among the vast variety of electric pumps. This detachable and portable electric water pump has the function of water control: it is equipped with an adjustable knob to control the water flow rate. Hence, you may precisely determine the desirable amount of water pressure. The maximum flow rate is 4000 GPH, which allows you to control the number of the bubbles produced. The pump is about 1.4 pounds with the following dimensions: 6.1*3*4.5 inches. This small but at the same time powerful device has 25W high efficiency motor for energy saving. The impeller shaft is corrosion resistant and is made from stainless steel for long life span.

Homasy 400GPH has versatile applications. If you install the pump in an aquarium or a pond, not only will it pump the water but will circulate and aerate it creating almost natural, more pleasant and attractive environment for any aquatic species. This is a very significant feature for an electric pump in order to maintain a thriving and healthy condition in your pond or aquarium. With this affordable product you will establish clean and beneficial environment for your fish. As it is mentioned by the manufacturer, this submersible pump is an ideal match for medium-sized aquariums, fountains, ponds, spouts, water gardens, and hydroponic systems.

Pros Cons
Powerful and resilient
Quiet operation
The pump comes with four strong suction-cup feet; hence, to add more stability, it may be mounted on the aquarium wall either vertically or horizontally
Includes nozzles (0.51in and 0.62in)
Convenient for easy installation
Does not hold the pump height for very long
The filter does not have a sponge insert to filter the water more effectively, so it easily gets clogged up
The power cord is 5.9 feet, which is not long enough for the majority of users. A longer cord would be much more helpful for easier installation

SumpMarine UTP 115

SumpMarine UTP 115-Volt 330 GPH Portable Transfer Water Pump

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SumpMarine UTP 115 is a multi-purpose transfer pump capable of moving up to 330 gallon per hour and operating at 115V. The lightweight pump (about 5.9 pounds) made of durable material is a perfect solution for household and light commercial use. The hose connectors are also made from metal to ensure higher reliability compared with plastic threads. The product dimensions are 8*8*7.5 inches.

The pump has been designed for a variety of applications, such as watering lawns or gardens, draining waterbeds, clogged sinks and aquariums. SumpMarine UTP 115 is easy and convenient to use, it has an affordable price, which is completely justified by its smooth operation.

Pros Cons
Equipped with metal hose connectors for higher reliability than plastic threads
The plastic triangle adds extra suction at low levels of water
Comes with a spare impeller and pump gasket
Automatic shutoff if overheated
Fairly loud performance, which only increases as the level of the water drops
It is advised to lubricate the impeller with vegetable oil. If not lubricated, starts to heat and smell
The device has no switch, which would make operating much more convenient. Has to be immediately unplugged from the power socket upon the completion of operating

EcoPlus 132 GPH

EcoPlus 132 GPH

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This new line of adjustable water pumps offers an energy efficient magnetic and oil free rotor with a ceramic shaft, which greatly improves GPH and head pressure necessary in hydroponic systems and outdoor fountains. EcoPlus 130GPH has a bottom draw feature, which allows to lower the reservoir tank to minimum by drawing the water from the bottom instead of the side.

The series of EcoPlus pumps are equipped with a built-in flow regulator. This helps to fully regulate the water movement. The average height of lifting water is two feet. Maximum lift using ¾ 25 feet garden house is 6 feet. The lift height can be maximized up to 39 feet using 1/2 feet barb fitting. The pump base has four removable suction cups in order to secure mounting the pump to a flat surface. The power cord is 6 feet long, thick and has three-pin plug.

The pump has a number of commercial and household applications. If installed in a ponds, the EcoPlus pump transforms it into a miniature ecosystem, as the fish receive adequate oxygenation and the constant water flow completely eliminates mosquito issues. Due to its powerful oil-free and rare earth rotor magnet system this pump is an excellent choice for ponds with aquatic life.

Overall, EcoPlus 132 GHP is a mighty and reliable reasonably priced pump for fountains and ponds. It can perfectly accommodate even picky customers.

Pros Cons
Affordable price
Includes inlet and outlet fittings
Equipped with strainer protecting impeller from damage
Powerful oil-free and rare earth rotor magnet system
Ultra- quiet performance
Can be used both in fresh and salt water
Very reliable, as most of the users report they have been using the pump for long years
Anti-clogging pre-filter preventing large debris
Comes without an adapter to connect to the garden hose
There might be some complications if using the pump in-line. If applied in-line has to be primed.The device is more power-efficientwhen used submerged
Suction cups do not firmly stick to the surface as well as do no stay attached firmly to the unit
The pre-filter between the impeller and the outer shield has to be regularly replaced

The benefits of small electric water pumps

Small electric water pumps have quickly dominated the market and have a number of advantages: they are easy to install, portable, in most cases have the same power as larger pumps, while requiring less maintenance. Moreover, they are extremely versatile and capable of targeting various household needs, yet, at the same time it is quite easier to use their basic features without any difficulty. With their help you can easily drain large water tanks, remove standing water, empty clogged sinks or other problems areas.  You may as well install electric water pumps in aquariums, medium-sized ponds, and fountains. The installation of the right pump will help your pond thrive, as it will circulate and aerate the pond turning it into almost natural, but more pleasant and attractive environment for any aquatic species.

Choosing a reliable and long-lasting water pump is actually quite challenging, as the market is full of various water pumps designed for various purposes. While making your choice you should consider the purpose you are purchasing a water pump.

We have proposed a number of qualities to look for while choosing a reliable, long-lasting and durable electric water pump. Remember to carefully go through the instructions and the specifications indicated in the user manual paying utmost attention to the material the pump is made of, its size and weight, priming, lift height, and flow rate. If you consider all those features along with the purpose you are purchasing a pump for, you will definitely be satisfied with a product, and it will smoothly serve you for a long time.

How to select right electric water pump

The process of choosing a reliable and a powerful electric pump may be quite stressful and confusing, as there is an infinite selection of electric water pumps. Since electric pumps come in different sizes and shapes and possess various features, choosing the right one may be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who are purchasing such a product for the first time. It is essential to pick the best one, the one which would exactly target your needs. Most of the water pumps are specialized in specific tasks, hence, you should be mindful and meticulous while choosing the right one. For instance, if you want to remove water from your fountain, you should not purchase an electric pump, which would add pressure to the sink. Similarly, if you wish to obtain an electric pump for your pond or aquarium, you should pay attention to such details, as extra filter bags, as sometimes small fish may get sucked into the pump. Thus, it is also necessary to understand what features to consider while choosing an electric water pump.

Some of the criteria to look for a good electric pump are the following:

Size and weight

The less the more convenient it is to install and hide . Deciding on the appropriate dimensions of the pump is also necessary to make it fit well within the working space.This said, you should also consider the dimensions of the working area. A lightweight and a small-sized pump may also be used asa portable device easily carry it in your vehicle.


Large and heavy pumps are , yet, there are many lightweight alternatives, which are equally powerful and cost-effective.

Water removal

Naturally one of the primary features while making your decision should be how quickly the device transfers the ample quantity of liquid to and fro. Also you can check our article about how does a water pump work?


The should be able to handle the tasks without burning out ence, you need to make sure whether you need a pump with plastic or metalliccomponents. This also depends on the type of the liquid to be pumpedif you deal with saltwater, you have to bear in mind that it easily eats away some metals. In that case you should not get an electric pump designated for freshwater, as the motor will easily be destroyed.If you use it too frequently or move more water than it handle, chances are high that soon you will burn out the motor. Always carefully go over the specifications and instructions provided in the user manual.


Another indispensable quality for electric pumps is submersibility, meaning that the pump is waterproof and you can fully submerge it into the water. Some pumps operate both externally and submerged, but still, do not provide the same effective and powerful performance in both modes. Submersible electric pumps are more beneficial, as they make less noise once submerged in the water. Besides, they are easily disguised.


While purchasing an electric water pump, you will notice that some of them require priming. For those out there, who are purchasing an electric water pump for the first time, it is imperative to know that priming is simply filling the system with water prior to starting the operation in order to prevent the motor burn-out. Generally, small water pumps are equippedself-priming technology that makes the immediate operation of the devicepossible. Whereas more massive units require large amounts of water, hence, priming is essential. In any case, as already said, carefully go over the instructions in order to avoid wearing out the motor.

Lift height

This measurement describes how high your pump can lift the water after losing all the pressure. For instance, if the height lift of your pump is eight feet, moving it up to nine feet will result in no water coming out. It is vital to consider this measurement, as wile moving large amounts of water you need to be aware of the limitations that your pump has. Take into account that the flow rate drops along with increasing the lift height.

It is also important to consider some specifications such as a motor, flow rate, cord length and other features, which may play an important role throughout the installation and operation processes.

Once again, keep in mind that your choice of an electric pump should cater your specific needs. To make the selection process easier and faster, we have gathered the best five picks to help you make the best decisions in selecting the right small electric water pump.

Final Verdict

We have introduced top five picks of small electric water pumps. Looking at these products, it is hard to pinpoint the one that stands out above the rest, as all of them are reliable, powerful and quality lightweight water pumps. Nevertheless, if you are seeking a cost-efficient pump, which comes with the best features, we highly recommend to purchase VicTsing Upgraded 80 GPH electric water pump. The price of the product is meager compared to other alternatives, still, the pump is equipped with all the necessary features: it is tiny, easy to disassemble and has dry burning mode. You can practically fit it anywhere.It is simply the best, one of the lightest, cheapest and the most convenient models in terms of the overall operating cost.

Still, for those picky customers, who want to consider a pump, which is intended for a heavy duty and can perform a heavy water removal job within short time, but at the same time is also durable and long-lasting, we highly advise to purchase Little Giant 518400 Epoxy Encapsulated Pump. It has the best customer feedback on longevity: some of the customers have indicated in their reviews to have been using this pump for over two decades. Little Giant has the most durable construction, which means the world’s recognized and the largest manufacturer of submersible electric motors, Franklin Electrics, has originally built this pump to last. These pumps offer industry leading service: smooth water transfer or recirculation and water displays.

Finally, there are certainly customers who are looking for a reliable and professional electric water pump for fountains or ponds. Homasy 400GPH has proved to be the best solution. Apart from simply doing its job, the water pump aerates and circulates the pond, providing almost natural environment for your aquatic species. Hence, whether you own a medium-sized fish pond, aquarium or hydroponics system, Homasy 400 GPH is a reliable pump to pick, as it delivers a superior performance for an affordable price.


  • I was thinking which small pump should i buy for my aquarium. As a result, i have chosen EcoPlus 132 GPH and I don’t regret my choice for a second! A great little pump that perfectly copes with its task

  • For a long time I could not decide what kind of pump I should buy for an aquarium. In the end, I decided to try Homasy 400GPH all the same, and I don’t regret it a bit. It works very quietly, which does not create noise in the apartment. Does not require special care. I was very pleased with the purchase!

  • I now can not decide on a pump for household tasks. The list that is not quite suitable for me, too small pumps are given as an example) Of all those listed, only SumpMarine UTP 115 can be more or less suitable, but if you look for a pump according to my criteria, you can find something better. The article is more suitable for those who need pumps for an aquarium and a small fountain.

  • Good thing you added a SumpMarine type pump to the article. I was just looking for a pump to irrigate my garden. It would be nice if you made up the top of such pumps for garden irrigation.

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