Best Water Pump Reviews – The Ultimate Water Pump Buyers Guide

Electric pumps are ultra-convenient appliances capable of targeting an infinite number of household needs. Their primary purpose being transfer of liquid from point A to B, they are widely used in industrial and agricultural sectors. Electric water pumps provide correct pressure and flow by effectively transmitting great amount of water and being the best match for your pond, fountain, pool or water tank.

Prior to selecting any product, it is always advisable to consult with an expert to understand how to choose an item that would serve its purpose and work for long years. Your task is much harder if you are about to choose an electric water pump, as the market offers a vast variety of electric pumps designed to handle various tasks. Specifications vary from supplier to supplier, that is why it is so necessary to understand that you may encounter various seemingly similar types of electric water pumps, but the inside may drastically vary and you might be easily bewildered buying an inappropriate pump.

To make your task easier and much more pleasant, we have put together a list of the top five picks among the best electric water pumps. Our research is based on expert assessment, customer reviews and clearly defines the benefits and the cons of each one. We hope seeing all these best pumps in one collection will help you land on a wise decision based on your needs.

Top 5 Best Water Pumps Reviews

SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water PumpCheck Price
WAYNE PC4 1/2 HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose PumpCheck Price
WAYNE 57729-WYNP WAPC250Check Price
SHURflo Industrial Pump - 198 GPHCheck Price
Little Giant GIDDS-521259Check Price

SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water Pump

SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 3.0 Revolution Water PumpCheck Price

SHURFLO Revolution water pumps feature a unique one-piece design. The makeup of the diaphragm and the internal by-pass guarantee long-term performance and quality performance in virtually all the plumbing systems. The design is also eco-friendly as it contributes to the reduction of hazardous wastes and power consumption.

This particular on-demand pump model by SHURflowas carefully designed to exceed the expectations of the customers. While designing the pump a special attention was paid to thermal protection and automatic demand. SHURFLO 4008-101-E65 is super quiet capable of running dry without any damage. It can move water through a mobile plumbing system, for instance in RV or a motor home.

Aside from that, this pump is simply a mini powerhouse as it pumps three gallons of water per minute requiring little power. It works with a 12 VDC power source. Still, regardless of such powerful characteristics it does not drain your water supply too quickly.

The great thing about this SHURFLO pump is that it has been envisioned to outperform. The company provides two years of limited warranty.

Pros Cons
Virtually universal positive reviews
Water consumption: 3 GPM
Thermally protected featuring automatic restart
Easy to install
Mounted in any position
Equipped with thick rubber feet facilitating the mounting. Rubber feet help to isolate vibration and mute the noise.
Runs dry without any harm
Adjustable switch with check valve
Lightweight compare with other picks: 3 pounds
55 lb cutoff pressure
Not designed for heavy duty use
A bit slower than other models
A replacement model
Does not include hoses or hookups


Little Giant VCMA-15ULS 554405

Little Giant VCMA-15ULS 554405Check Price

The brand Little Giant has righteously conquered the water pump market for the reliability, durability and longevity of its products. The Little Giant caters all the essential requirements of its customers offering a range of quality pumps and assisting in resolution a great number of complicated tasks.

Today we will review VCMA-15 ULS electric water pump, which is one of the new generation VCMA series pumps. It is a condensate pump designed for automatic collection, detection and removal of condensate from such equipment as conditioners, refrigerators, condensing boilers, high competence furnaces, dehumidifiers and other similar equipment requiring automatic drain pumps.

One of the most attractive features is that VCMA-15 ULS is completely automatized to enhance the reliability and smooth of its operation. The pump has both a manual switch and an automatic float arm, which start the pump as soon as it reaches a certain depth.

Designed with the latest technology, the pump shaft is made of stainless steel and has a removable barbed check valve. This little powerful device pumps 65 gallons per hour with the overall tank of the pump being just 0.5 gallon. The pump handles intermittent liquid temperature up to 120O F. The length of the cord is six feet. If it is not long enough for the installation, an extension cord may freely be used.

If you experience any issues, this state-of the-art design pump has one year of limited warranty, though few customers really feel the need for it.

Pros Cons
Water consumption: 65 GPH
Six-inch power cord with thermal surplus defense
ABS tank, motor, cover and volute
Safety switch
Quiet operation
Does not include inbound or outbound hoses
Attention should be paid to ensure that the condensate source is placed higher than the pump, otherwise the water will not get into the pump
The switch spring may loosen with time
Confusing instructions
The pump cycles more than it is supposed to
Pump body material: thermoplastic


SHURflo Industrial Pump

SHURflo Industrial PumpCheck Price

This model belongs to diaphragm pumps, which are quite multipurpose in their nature. Diaphragm pumps may be applied for campers, vans, RV’s and many other marine applications. SHURFflo is one of those pumps offering powerful performance in moderate pressure applications. The pump is remarkable for preventing the backflow of the liquid. For the purposes of flawless and smooth operation this device has been equipped with corrosion-resistant santoprenevalves and diaphragm. Furthermore, it has an auto shut-off pressure switch, which reacts to the pressure and shuts the power down once it reaches the preset shutoff pressure level.

It is a self-priming pump with the maximum suction height of 7 feet and the maximum pressure of 4.0 GPM.

Pros Cons
Thermally protected 115V AC motor
Can be mounted in any position
Designed for easy maintenance
On-demand feature
Robust poly housing
Runs dry without damage
Handles liquids up to 170OF
Caution while using the pump connections as they are molded plastic and could easily break



WAYNE 57729-WYNP WAPC250Check Price

Many of us dream of having a personal pool in the backyards of our houses, but not many imagine that owning a pool as a luxurious addition to the house is also a major headache. Pools require careful maintenance and regular upkeep, especially during the winter months. Pools tend to overflow from heavy rains or snowfalls, hence, in order to prevent such an undesirable situation, it is advisable to have a reliable pool cover pump to dismiss the excess liquid and preserve the pool in working condition for the warmer seasons. We introduce you a pump that is fully suitable for such a tremendous task.

Wayne WAPC250 pool cover pump is highly useful and effective pump, which does not require you to constantly monitor it, as the pump is equipped with iSwitch Technology. This switch is automatically activated when the water level of 2 1/8 inch is detected. The shutoff level is ¾ inches. This means you can freely let the pump work by itself without being worried about the motor burnout or overheating.

Wayne Water Systems, being one of the leading companies offering high quality water solution equipment, has designed WAYNE WAPC250 pump, which is simply packed with various beneficial features. Another advantage this pump offers is the strainer base, which filters your water helping you avoid cleaning the pool each time you remove excess water. The pump is capable of filtering large debris without causing any clogs in the system.

In addition to these benefits, the pump is cold resistant. This said, it does not mean you should purposefully test it in an extremely cold weather, yet, it can stand some freezing, in a sense, this pump is capable of handling virtually any challenging environment. You also would not need to worry about accidental falling and shorting off, as WAYNE WAPC250 is waterproof.

The only major shortcoming is that some of the users complain of the poor performance of the filter, which leads to pipe clogging when the dirt gets there.

However, the pump is fully worth its price. It is a justified investment, which helps you safeguard your property, as WAYNE WAPC250 is an ultra-reliable and a worry-free pump.

Pros Cons
iSwitch technology
Strainer Base
Filters large debris
Flow rate of 3000 GPH
Ice overload protection for additional safety
Might be left unattended
25-foot power cord
Three-year limited warranty
Check valve with ¾ hose in order to minimize repetitive cycling
The power cord is not that durable
The flow switch may malfunction sometimes, especially under low water level
Heavy: 13 pounds




Check Price

We introduce you yet another pump by the recognized water equipment provider Wayne Water Systems. This brand has set to design a durable and reliable product for keeping your basement, well or sewage system dry. Wayne’s ½ HP is a powerful 115 Volt water transfer pump capable of increasing water pressure by 50 psi. The pump may be applied for variety of household purposes, such as draining hot water heaters, draining rainwater from pool covers and flooded basements, watering lawns and gardens, washing cars and sidewalks, and many other uses.

One of the distinctive features of this model is that the cast iron motor is designed for more durability. The pump is portable, as it has easy-access handle to carry it anywhere. The maximum discharge flow is 1450 GPH.

One of the major drawbacks of this model is that it does not feature a switch, which might be added if needed. The absence of the switch makes it hard not to run the pump dry while working a short distance away, as it has to be unplugged from the power socket. The reason why the model actually does not come with a switch is that the pump might be easily damaged while it is plugged in and the switch is also on. However, to avoid running the pump dry you can manually add a switch. If you decide to add a switch, it is advisable to mark it to easily spot its position in order not to damage the pump. Some users complain that even though it is easy to use Wayne’s ½ HP, it requires relatively much more maintenance.

Nevertheless, the pump is an ideal pick if you are searching for a durable and a resistant aid to keep your basement dry or quickly transfer water.

Pros Cons
Longevity and durability
Includes a suction strainer and brass garden hose adapters
Lifetime-lubricated ball bearings
Simple instructions
Cast iron body
One-year limited warranty
Not approved for drinking water
Heavy: 14 pounds
Loud performance
Needs brushes, which have to be ordered from the factory


Electric Water Pump Buyer’s Guide

We know that water pumps are not the easiest product to get to. Electric water pumps are so versatile in their application, and the market is so abundant with the variety, that a newbie buyer may be simply overwhelmed with the available products. There are even some water cooling pumps that are used in keeping the hardware cool and safe.

Furthermore, there are so many conditions that you cannot simply control. That is why it is necessary to pay special attention to technical characteristics in order be prepared for any situations and avoid wasting money on something, which does not fit or does not work properly.

While purchasing an electric water pump you need to choose one that exactly matches your needs. Different electric water pumps serve different purposes and if you choose the wrong pump you may end up badly damaging your property. For instance, if you want to drain the standing water and prevent damage to expensive pool covers, then you should go for pool cover pumps. While of you want to simply remove condensation from air conditioning unit, you should opt for condensate pumps. The following high-level tips will serve you as an invaluable guide while choosing an appropriate water pump.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Water Pump

To help you choose the right pump and make the whole process of selection more enjoyable and straightforward, below we introduce several tips based on our experience:

  • Clearly define the purpose you are intended to buy a water pump for
  • There are two broad categories based on how water pumps work: positive displacement design type and centrifugal
  • Centrifugal pumps use the centrifugal force, that is they move liquid from the center in a circular motion. A standard centrifugal pump is the common type of a water pump capable of handling simple liquid transfer tasks.
  • A centrifugal pump is suitable for such applications as draining a pool, removing standing water from a basement or a water tank.
  • If you are dealing with waste water or muddy, sandy water with high solid content, you need to opt for a trash pump (or a semi-trash pump). They have comparatively larger discharge opening in order to easily let out trash particles. They work perfectly for heavy trash-pumping (semi-trash pumps are intended for small particles).
  • Diaphragm pumps offer more horsepower: they are versatile and may virtually be applicable for any heavy task. However, these pumps are the user’s last choice due to their high cost. So, we advise you to install a diaphragm pump only in case other pumps fail to do the job for you.
  • Take into consideration that diaphragm pumps do not feature an impeller, but work with the help of chambers.
  • Go for the quality: look for reputable manufacturers who provide warranty for their product.
  • Carefully go over the technical specifications of the pump’s engine. A good engine is expected to last at least for 2 500 hours of operation.
  • Maintenance of a pump is yet another significant aspect. Do you need to regularly change the oil and filters? Or probably you need to keep the spark plugs clean? Maintenance requirements  are something you should get familiar with prior to obtaining the pump.
  • Go for a cast iron impeller. Such pumps are usually well-built and durable.
  • If you are going to deal with debris, pay attention to strainer. It keeps the solid wastes away from the intake hose and prevents possible damage to the pump. Avoid buying pumps with a plastic strainer and go for a metal strainer, as they can easily crack and break.

Electric Water Pumps Vs Gas-Powered Water Pumps

If you are about to purchase a water pump, without a doubt, you have come across gas-powered water pumps and now you are wondering : What is the difference between electric and gas-powered water pumps? Basically, gas-powered water pumps are intended for outdoor use, as their engines generate large amounts of carbon monoxide. Electric water pumps can be operated both inside and outside. Furthermore, gas-powered pumps make much more noise compared with electric water pumps, which are capable of working on ultra-quiet mode.

Gas-powered Pumps

Gas-powered water pumps have a number of advantages: they are portable and offer much more volume of water. For instance, they are capable of pumping 160 gallons per minute. That is why while choosing the right gas-powered water pump you should pay more attention to GPM than to the horsepower, as high horsepower does not necessarily suggest your pump will pump much water. Additionally, gas water pumps offer longer operation time: you can continuously pump water for a few hours. Certain models offer more than ten hours of non-stop pumping without an urge to refuel the pump, which is an amazing solution for various industrial and agricultural tasks.

Electric Water Pumps

As we have mentioned, electric pumps are designed both for indoor and outdoor use. They are less powerful compared with gas-powered water pumps, however, they require less maintenance, thus making your job much easier. You do not have to constantly worry about the upkeep or replacing details to keep your pump going.

Electric pumps are operated with the help of a power cord, which sometimes complicates the task as while purchasing one, you need to pay utmost attention to the length of the power cord, otherwise use an extension cord. Sometimes electric water pumps have a short power cord, which complicates its application, hence, you should just pay a little bit more attention to this.


We hope our review and guide have facilitated the selection process for you. A good pump is a wise investment, which may serve you for long years safeguarding your property. The final choice is simply a matter of targeting your needs by opting for the right pump and simply going over its technical characteristics.  Now that you are aware of the basics and some features to look for, you are all set to buy a water pump designed for your needs.