Having a swimming pool is one thing, but maintaining it is another. That’s why you need a pool cover to keep your swimming space healthy. The pool cover prevents rainfall, dirt and debris from entering the pool when it’s not in use. However, removing the pool cover is a tedious task, especially when it’s full of excessive water. But, you know what? The best pool cover pump can make your task stress free.

A pool cover pump is designed to help remove unsafe water on the solid pool cover quickly. There’s still more to its outstanding features! These products are cost-effective, reliable and efficient. In all, the pool cover pump is a great deal for all pool owners across the world.

Meanwhile, coming home with the right pool cover pump is easier said than done. This is because there is a plethora of pool cover pumps with different styles in the park. With that in mind, the list below is a good starting point to help you make a healthy choice.

Wayne Pool Cover Pump

First up in our pick of the best pool cover pump is the Wayne Automatic Pool Cover Pump. We recommend this excellent piece for all users who have limited time to monitor the pool cover pump operation. That’s because this is an automatic pump. Thanks to the switch technology used by Wayne. This device automatically activates and switches off itself.

What attracted us to this model is the fact that it’s stress and worry-free. Moreover, this product is simple to operate. All you need to do is plug in the device and allow it to do its job. Trust us, this is the overall best water removal on the shelves today.

Don’t worry about the debris on the pool cover. This pump features strainer base filters that remove dirt that may clog the pump. Wayne’s submersible pump features an auto freeze protection circuit that prevents the pump from damages.

As a bonus, it has a high flow rate. You can use the 1.25-inches drain hose to pump 3000 gallons of water per hour. More importantly, this product is made from thermoplastic materials, which guarantee its longevity. Even with its various features, it does not require you to break up your bank. Besides, it requires little or no maintenance.

Pros Cons
User Friendly
Max flow speeds
Not ideal for outdoor pool cover

Superior Pump Pool Cover Pump

We have come to expect a high-quality and innovative product from Superior Pump, and this manual water pump is no exception. Superior Pump is indeed a great brand in multiple worlds. If you ask me why most people are happy to settle for this pump, I’ll have unlimited reasons to give.  

Firstly, you don’t have to be an expert before you can mount this high-end product. Superior Pump offers users a step-by-step guide for simple installation. You can effortlessly place the pump in your desired setup location.

This machine packs ¼ HP power capacity to keep away 1,800 gallons per hour. It doesn’t stop there! At 6.8 pounds, it can lift water up to 25” height in a blink of an eye. That’s incredible enough.

Its robust construction is worthy of discussion. This model is made from a corrosion-resistant fabric. Though, many users complain that it doesn’t last long.

The fact that it comes with a removable suction screen filter is another big draw. With this, it minimizes debris from clogging on the submersible pump. Likewise, maintaining it is hassle-free.

Like other products, Superior Pool Cover Pump has a ¾ inches Garden hose adapter and 10” cord for quick performance. What else?  It features an ergonomic handle for easy transportation.

Pros Cons
Ergonomic design
Simple to mount
Sturdy construction
High pumping capacity
Short lifespan

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump

This pump is another automatic submersible pump worth buying these days. It’s made of premium polypropylene materials which ensure it last you for years. Not only is this model simple to use, but also easy to maintain. With its detachable intake screen, cleaning becomes a piece of cake. Besides, it features a 25ft. long power cord and auto float switch for easy operation.

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump removes up to 1745 GPH standing water on a go. Moreover, it is portable. So, you don’t have to worry about moving this piece around. It has a compact design which ensures its stability while in use.

If you’re in search of an excellent pump that does not cost you a fortune, this is a perfect option for you. Little Giant designs this model with the user’s budget in mind.

Aside from the fact that this model is sturdy, it’s also lightweight. Overall, the pump features a 3-years warranty. So, you can be sure it’s reliable. Needless to say, this device doesn’t activate until it perceive two inches of water.

Pros Cons
Easy to use and clean
It has a compact and durable design
Automatic control
Reasonably priced
It comes with a long suction cord
It needs much water to activate

FibroPool Electric Pool Cover Pump

Made no mistake with this machine, check it out, and you’ll fall in love with it. Look no further than this water pump if you want an electric pump perfect for in-ground and above ground pools. Aside from its durability, the lightweight feature is another fantastic draw of the machine. So, it does not weigh down the pool cover.

What attracts many users to this product is that it is effortless to operate, remove and clean. Additionally, this model is steal-price wise. Users on a low budget can always opt-in for this product. 

Besides, its 16” power cord makes it a breeze to keep water off the cover. More importantly, it comes with a 22” pipe. But, the most exciting fact about it is its capacity to pump up to 600 gallons in an hour.

In contrast to other products, it has a heavy-duty construction. It is designed from corrosion-resistant materials. So you can be sure it won’t rust anytime soon. FibroPool fabricated this pump for all cold weather making it perfect for winter.

Pros Cons
It is sturdy
Easy to operate
Requires less supervision
Too small
The hose bent quickly

Little Giant Manual Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant is here again with another bit of but mighty water pump. But, this time, it’s a manual pump. A pump helps drain water or snow off the pool cover, which is exactly what this machine does. 

Little Giant designs this model for all household transfer applications. It is made from an impact-resistant thermoplastic material. The pool cover water pump also features a detachable intake screen for manageable maintenance. Likewise, its ¾ hosepipe is for easy installation.   

 In contrast with other pumps, this device has two different power cord plugs, including a 25” cord for 550 GPH and a 25-foot power cord with 58 watts for 400 GPH. In short, it’s the best energy efficient cord on the shelves today. One bugbear of this piece is the fact that it scratches and breaks easily after one use.

Pros Cons
Energy efficient
Great design
Simple to clean
Easy to install
Has two cord
Not reliable

Buying Considerations

If you found yourself here, it means you are still not sure of your preferred pool cover pump. Fortunately, we have the essential features and factors to consider detailed in this section. With these conditions, you can easily select the right pump.

Manual vs Automatic

Unlike other pumps on the shelves, the pool cover pump is available in both automatic and manual options. Unfortunately, many users find themselves in a dilemma picking between these two sides. How about we check how these two options work?

A manual pool cover pump requires extra energy and time. Besides taking your time to install it outdoors, you also have to be patient while it drains. Also, you have to return outdoors to unplug it once you complete the task.

On the other hand, the automatic pool protector pump is quite simple to use. One big draw about the automatic models is their ability to discover any buildup. Likewise, it drains itself when the needs arise.

However, it is essential to know that both devices effectively remove dirt or debris from your pool. Nevertheless, if you need an automatic pump, you should be prepared to pay more for it. Unlike the manual options, the automatic models are pretty expensive.


Like you, every pool owners wants a cover pump that stays longer than expected. However, choosing a pump built to last for a lifetime might not be as simple as you think. Moreover, some features might help you make the right choice. For instance, if you need a durable cover pump, you need to check such product from reputable brands.

Besides the brand, you also need to consider the material construction. You need to look for products designed with premium quality material. Nevertheless, you should know that most durable products are expensive. So, your budget has a lot to say about picking a longevity product.

Flow Rate

Our list of the factors to consider when purchasing a pool cover pump is incomplete without this condition. Irrespective of your pool’s size, you should always look for a pump with a higher flow rate. It is essential to know that the cover pump is measured in gallons per hour. Once you are familiar with this measurement, picking the right pool cover pump becomes a piece of cake.

But the mistake you should avoid is buying a lower flow rate pump for a large pump.


What is the top pool cover pump?

Wayne Automatic Pool Cover Pump is the best pool cover pump on the market today. This model has everything to keep your swimming area free from dirt and debris. Since it is an automatic option, you would have no difficulties operating it. Besides, Wayne offered an easy-to-use switch technology to make the whole draining task a breeze. No wonder many users acknowledge this product as the overall best water removal on the market today. Don’t forget it also has strainer base filters that secure the pump from debris that may clog it.

How long should a pool cover pump last?

How long a pool cover pump lasts varies on several conditions. However, on average, a high-quality pool cover pump should stay for about 15 years at least. However, its longevity depends on some factors. For instance, your swimming area protector pump stays long when adequately maintained. No matter how often you use the model, ensure you always leave it in good condition.

Apart from maintenance, the pump often lasts long when you buy the quality model from a reliable brand. Even if you adequately maintain a pump built not to last long, you would have to visit the market soon.

How long should a pool cover pump last?

Besides the pool cover pump, you also need other essential tools to clean the swimming surface. For instance, you need a pool brush to scrub out debris or dirt off the pool cover fabric. Likewise, you need a pool brush and mild dishwashing soap to remove stubborn messes off the pool. After cleaning, ensure you place the protector pump back in the middle of the cover. Likewise, you should make sure you spray the pump with soapy water to get rid of the dirt that might have housed it. Here you can check our guide on how to get water off your pool cover.

Who needs a manual pool cover pump?

If you are not ready to break your bank to clean your pool, you can easily pick the manual models. Also, it is an excellent choice for homeowners who have enough time to clean and maintain the pool diligently. However, we recommend automatic pool cover for all. This option allows you to clean and maintain your swimming space easily.


There you have it! The top pool cover pumps are on the market today. Irrespective of how you search for the top pool cover pump for the season, you’ll always find these products in the collection. Ensure you pick the model that is best suitable for your pool and also your choice.

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