Water cooling kits have become a very popular way of keeping the hardware cool and safe. For many, it is quite difficult to imagine liquid and electronics working hand in hand, as their wrongful combination may be extremely hazardous and dangerous. Nonetheless, the liquid cooling loop functions based on the use of water. Hence, an effective and purposeful combination of a pump and a radiator will cool down your CPU within just a few seconds.

The principle of the cooler’s performance is straightforward: coolant simply flows through channels. As electronic devices do not handle the contact with water well, water blocks and heat-conductive metals such as copper or aluminum, are used. A water block is filled with hollow tubes and channels, it has a flat piece of metal installed at the bottom in order to improve heat transfer. Actually, the liquid-cooling system is much like the car’s cooling system. You can also check our review article about the best water cooling reservoirs, which are used with pumps in a combo.

Naturally, one of the essential components for a water cooling system is the circulation pump, which moves coolant throughout the loop. Without a pump the system cannot function, hence, a careful and thoughtful selection of a liquid cooling pump is extremely important. Normally, you may also need a reservoir to hold the excessive coolant and facilitate the filling of the loop. Some users prefer to install those two pieces (a pump and a reservoir) separately, still, you highly benefit from combining those two in just one pump. Not only the installation process becomes much easier, but you also reduce the possible leaks as well as save some money.

The Best Water Cooling Pumps

Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5Check Price
Swiftech MCP655TM 12 VDC Laing D5 Vario Pump with Speed ControllerCheck Price
EKWB EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWMCheck Price
Yosoo 12v DC Low Noise Water Pump&Pump Tank Sc-300tCheck Price
EKWB EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM EliteCheck Price
To help you make your choice in the selection of a reliable and effective cooling pump and save your time, we have analyzed the vast variety of water cooling pumps and as a result of our expert assessment, we introduce the best picks of the market. If you are looking only for D5 pumps, you can check our article about best d5 pumps.

Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5

Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5

Check Price

Pacific PR22-D5 is a water pump launched for the sake of ultimate PC water cooling. It features exceptional performance and unrivaled reliability. Thermaltake has taken care of manufacturing a high quality POM and PMMA water cooling pump in order to introduce clear and durable solutions to the market.  All the PC enthusiasts should give a try to this powerhouse PC cooling pump.

PR22-D5 offers a vast number of innovative solutions and advanced features. This lightweight pump is made in Taiwan and supports rubber washers designed for a firm seal. It includes two ports for fitting and has a 6-mm thick pipe wall. Any user may easily open the reservoir of the pump and can thoroughly clean it. The construction material of tube reservoirs are lightweight POM and PMMA construction, which enables the maximum working temperature of 55oC.

Among so many benefits, Thermaltake has also cared to equip the liquid cooling pump with the Silent Kit pump cover, which reduces the noise by 10% and also adds an innovative touch to the overall pump design. The design is flexible, so PC enthusiasts may also experiment with the liquid cooling loop by adding more DIY components at the same time.

Thermaltake reinforces some cautions, such as it recommends to use market proven pre-mix coolant, as it prevents the whole system from corrosion. Secondly, it advises its customers to fill the reservoir from the top to prevent the air going inside the pump. Interestingly, these precaution measures only add to the value of the pump, as they are user-friendly and assist customers in running this water cooling pump appropriately, hence safeguarding its longevity. Being one of the market leaders, Pacific PR22-D5 is highly recommended as a PC water cooling pump.

Pros Cons
Sustains the maximum pressure up to 99 PSI
A manual speed control knob
Silent Kit pump cover
Capacity: 300 ml
Easy installation
Maximum discharge is 1135 l/hr
Gives ideal mounting options
Maximum working temperature is gradually lower compared with other pumps: 55C
Coolant might fade over time
Certain caution measures are to be followed (such as using pre-mix coolant, filling the reservoir from the top, etc.)

Swiftech MCP655TM 12 VDC Laing D5 Vario Pump

Swiftech MCP655TM 12 VDC Laing D5 Vario Pump Check Price

Swiftech MCP655TM is a high-reliability industrial pump offering its users more than 50 000 hours of the mean time between failure. In a sense, this is equal to five years of performance. The unique design is what helps to achieve such profound results. The only moving part of the pump is the magnetically driven spherical impeller, which spins on the single ceramic bearing. Such design helps extend the lifetime of the pump far beyond the expectations introducing the customers an ultra-durable pump with high longevity.

A user can directly connect MCP655TM to the computer power utilizing a standard four-pin power connector. The weight is 1.23 pounds. The pump has a potentiometer, hence, you can regulate the speed within the range of 1800 RPM to 4800 RPM depending on your needs. If used with de-mineralized water with the addition of anti-fungal materials, the pump requires no maintenance. MCP655TM is so versatile that it you can fully use it for any MP servers as well as for high-end workstations. It is especially suitable for high-flow systems with ½ ID tubing.

Installation of Swiftech MCP655TM is one of the easiest stages, as it may be either installed on a built-in neoprene pad with a peel-off adhesive back, or permanently mounted with thru-bolts.

Overall, you do yourself a favor by owning this little pump offered by Swiftech, as you receive a high-output, high-pressure and heavy duty high profile pump with years of service to do.

Pros Cons
Compact design
Quiet performance
Powerful motor
Perfect for heavy duty cooling
Saves space
Works well for big loops
Keeps the coolant flowing even under the harsh conditions
Features a potentiometer: variable speed setting
12 Volts DC convenience
½ barb fitting
Some customers indicate that the pumps has limitations in mounting options
The manual does not provide any technical specifications
The flanges are very tight
Expensive compared with other water cooling pump models


EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM

EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM

Check Price

The second pick among the best pumps for water cooling is  EK-XRES 140 Revo D5 PWM. This is a high-performance water cooling pump, which features an integrated 250 ml reservoir. EK-XRES series introduces a completely rounded innovative design to their customers. Such design solutions offer increased usability: you can install this water cooling pump at virtually any angle within 360o of rotation. What is more, the manufacturer has added a special piece of rubber shock absorber in order to separate the main pump body from the mounting clip to maximize the silent and vibration-free operation of the pump.

The technical specifications of this liquid cooling pump are impressing. The material of the EK-XRES 140 tube is high-quality acrylic material, while the material for the rest is quality POM Acetal. One of the benefits of this unit is that it offers numerous mounting options on the computer chassis with the help of enclosed Revo D5 Holder.

Yet another advantage of  EK-XRES 140 water cooling pump is its compatibility with currently widespread RGB sync technologies from all the major motherboard manufacturers. So, if you are in a search for a user-friendly and innovative water cooling pump, EK-XRES 140 is the pump that will fully satisfy your needs.

Pros Cons
The instruction sheet is very detailed making it easy to follow
The pump offers increased hydraulic performance
Maximum flow is 1500 L/h
RGB lighting
205 ml reservoir
Maximum liquid temperature is 60 C
RPM is over 4000
No leaks
The pump is water lubricant, hence it is advisable not to run it dry
The pump bracket is not included in the unit


Cytec 12v PC Cpu Water Cooling System Tool Water Pump

Cytec 12v PC Cpu Water Cooling System Tool Water Pump

Check Price

This moderately priced tiny water cooling pump may accomplish a number of tasks and simply impresses all the customers as it exceeds any expectations. For a reasonable price you receive a 63 GPH perfect computer cooling pump. Moreover, the pump is submergible and powers by battery back. Actually, users can apply it for a number of other tasks, for instance, for transferring water, acid or alkaline solutions; for home waterfalls and fountains (powered by a power adapter). Still, the majority of customers emphasize its impeccable performance as a solid PC water cooling pump. As for handling more challenging tasks, the pump may prove not as effective as it is supposed to, hence, let us accentuate once again that  Cytec 12v principally aims for PC cooling.

The lifespan of Cytec 12v is 30 000 hours and is not as impressive as of Swiftech MCP655TM. However, considering the fact that this PC cooling pump is almost nine times less expensive than Swiftech MCP655TM, it makes this technical feature quite impressive.

Do not forget that this unit is submergible, hence, it cannot vent the air automatically. If you operate it outside water installation, mind installing it below the liquid surface. Be also aware to prevent any hard particles from entering the pump.

Certainly, this pumps has its little tricks, which are, however, insignificant, given its moderate price and efficiency at PC cooling.

Pros Cons
Low consumption
Little noise
High efficiency
Vinyl tubing
Maximum working temperature is 60 C
Waterproof level: IP68
If used in-line, the pump may get a little hot
Does not feature any mounts or mounting brackets
Not self-priming

Yosoo SC-300T DC 12V

Yosoo SC-300T

Check Price

Yosoo 12V DC  is yet another outstanding choice in the market of PC water cooling pumps. Compared with previous more expensive water cooling pumps, this model may not fully satisfy all the picky customers, still, if you are looking for a cost-effective and a lightweight solution to cool down your PC unit, this pump knows its job.

One of the best features of Yosoo 12V DC pump is the LED power indicator which shows power-on state. The manufacturers have installed rubber shock absorber to minimize the noise. However, based on the extensive customer feedback, this pump is not that ultra-quiet. The technical characteristic is satisfying considering the price. The maximum flow rate is 300 l/h with a water tank capacity of 150 ml.

For maximizing user experience, it is advised to use the pipe with 8 mm inner diameter. This pump may be a good addition to your PC unit cooling it down and making your life much easier.

Pros Cons

Led power indicator
Moderately priced
Supports speed testing function
Flow rate is 300 L/hr
Tank capacity is 150 ml

Noisy operation: 23 DB
Not that durable


Many users push their hardware to achieve its greatest speed striving to maximize their user experience. However, they end up heating their hardware more than imaginable, which leads to a total computer crash. Cooling your device is essential in order to keep the hardware stable. As you have already noticed, D5 pumps are very popular among water cooling pumps.

There are numerous ways of how to cool your computer, such as cleaning your PC, exposing it to the air flow, moving it to a different place or upgrading the CPU fan. However, the most practical and easy solution so far has been the installation of a water cooling system. Water transfers heat well and immediately helps you reduce the temperature of your CPU. Do not worry about the water working along with an electric device, as the liquid is fully enclosed in the transfer system. A water cooling kit also features a pump, which moves the hot liquid out.

If you apply such a solution, then you need to choose a reliable and durable liquid cooling pump. The market of water pumps is full of innovative and varied assortment, so you may be puzzled with the right choice.  Based on the customers’ review and expert assessment we highly recommend you to go for  Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5 water cooling pump. This durable, ultra-quiet and modern pump will work for long years justifying its price and protecting your hardware. Thermaltake Pacific DIY LCS PR22-D5 is a long-term investment both for itself and your PC unit.




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