For the farmer or anyone who wants to water their plants pumping water from creek for irrigation is a very cost-effective idea. The best way to pump water from a creek, or pond or river is to use an electric irrigation water pump.

Is it legal to pump water from a creek?

Before using your pump to transfer water from one place to another, it is important to ensure it is permitted. Make sure to consult the State Regulators, the US Fish and Game Department and the Environmental Protection Agency. If you are located in a country other than the US make sure to ask equivalent authorities. In the USA pumping water from creek, pond or river for irrigation without permission can prove very costly. It is important to check all the relevant laws and specifications in order to avoid fines and compensation costs. Your local authority or Planning Department can be the first point of information. They will be able to offer sound advice and explain the legal procedures.  Once you ensure that you meet all the relevant requirements, it is time to take action and install your electric irrigation water pump.

How to pump water from a creek, or a river or a pond

Pumping water for irrigation is not difficult technically. The simplest method is to use a small portable pump. Make sure it is positioned safely and securely on a solid surface. You need to attach one garden hose to the pump intake and another to the outlet.

The intake side of the attached hose is submerged in the body of water using a weight to keep it from floating. Just remember to attach a filter at the end to keep out solids from the water. This can be as simple as attaching a piece of mesh with a string.

Another hose is attached to the outlet of the pump leading the water to the irrigation area. You need an extension cord to connect the pump to power, and you are ready to start. A sprinkler attached to the end of the hose can do the watering. You could automate this simple system by adding a timer to the power cord that controls when the pump is operating.

A sophisticated method to pump water

We are still referring to an electric irrigation water pump that is usually portable. In this case, the pump needs to be fixed as close to the water level as possible, ideally no more than 8 feet. It is best to mount the pump so that you can change its location if necessary. You might need to move it for maintenance or in case the water level changes.

There is also the option of the submersible electric water pump. The most common way of mounting a submersible pump is to attach it to the side of pier pilings. If there is a floating dock or a pier you can hang it underneath it. Make sure to read the instructions for the installation very carefully. Some need placement inside a specialized sleeve and have very particular guidelines.  Always remember that a submersible pump must never get placed on the bottom of the body of water since there is usually mud and deposits that can block and ruin your pump.

Tips for pumping water from a creek for irrigation

Pumping water from a creek can get as automated as necessary according to your irrigation needs. I would recommend starting the process with a thorough analysis of your needs. Consider what it is you need to water, how much water is required, how often etc. and make a list with your requirements. You could even make a rough sketch and a list of all the necessary equipment. Make sure you have a clear plan from the outset, so you know what you are trying to achieve and don’t waste time with systems that are not suitable for your needs.

Consider automation

Numerous types of timers and automation controls offer you versatility. There are irrigation controllers with built-in electric circuits that enable you to automate irrigation times. You can also have multiple – automatically controlled – irrigation valves. The process can have various degrees of automation. Make sure to follow your plan to avoid wasting time and money on the wrong things.

Consider hiring an electrician

In case you are interested in an intricate system, it is advisable to hire a professional for the electrical aspects of the set-up. The cost of the job depends on the length of the electrical wire for the pump and the complexity of the project. If the scale of your project is small, you can do it yourself using a simple small electrical pump as described above.

Consider buying a pre-constructed pump unit

If you are looking into an extensive irrigation system, you should definitely consider buying a pre-constructed pump unit. The unit includes the pump and all the electrical controls already installed and tested on a metallic frame. All you have to do is install the pipes and the wire and plug it in.

Read the description of the pump carefully

Before making your final decision about what equipment to buy for pumping water from a creek for irrigation make sure you read the description of the product carefully and ensure it is right for your needs. Consult your plan and buy an electric irrigation water pump that is suitable for the volume and the pressure of water you need.  If you need help to design the right system for you and determine the ideal electric irrigation water pump for your landscape, you can send us a message in our contact page.

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