There’s virtually no way you can preserve water, reduce chemical consumption, and remove dirt and debris from your pool without using a pool cover. The benefits of the pool cover seem simple; removing it can be challenging. That’s because, to detach the cover, you need to remove the water on top of it.

Many pool owners will testify that opening up the swimming pool during springtime comes with many difficulties. But, the most tedious task of all is to pump water off pool cover. Nevertheless, do not panic! With this post, the task becomes a piece of cake.  It contains essential information you need to drain excess water from a pool cover.

How to Get Water Off Your Pool Cover

Whether you’re pumping off large amounts of water from a pool cover or anywhere, a good water pump is required.  Meanwhile, you can siphon the water off with any pool cover pump of your choice. 

Besides, removing water from the pool cover is simple as long as you know what to do. To make the task easier, here is a comprehensive guide on how to keep water off your pool.

Selecting your Pump tools

First of all, once you’re ready to get water off a pool cover, select your pool cover pump. Pool owners can either use a garden hose, bail with a bucket or a pool cover pump, depending on their preferences. But the most effective method is the pool pump.  

It’s important to know that this pump comes in different sizes and shapes. Subsequently, you need to pay attention to the right size of the tool to use. Then, choose the perfect package for removing the standing water on the pool cover.

Cream off debris

After selecting your packages, the next thing to do is skim out the pool cover debris. Ensure you carefully skim the grass, leaves, dead bugs, and all others before you proceed to pump water off the pool cover.

Hopefully, you’ve got yourself a skimmer to make the task simple. But if not, you can always ensure the pool cover is dry before skimming out the debris.

Make your Pump ready

Many people think prepping a pool pump is a little bit tricky, but it’s not really challenging. All you need to do is to fix a protected outlet hose to the Pump.  Also, reexamine your tool to ensure it’s dirt and corrosion-free.  

If there’s any need for component replacement, carefully do that to prevent electric shock.

Fix your Pool Pump

Placing your pump at the deepest spot will completely drain water from the swimming pool cover. However, if you find it difficult to set up the pump in the right position, you can use the push broom for convenience.

Ensure you align the hose and put the available part off the poolside. Remove all forms of obstruction away from the hose. Then, make your pump ready for operation.

Run your Pump

Since your pump is placed on the pool cover, then it’s time to plug in the pump and start removing water on it. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, it’s more important to closely monitor the operation of the pool pump without an auto-off switch.

On the other hand, a pump with an auto-off switch requires little or no time and effort. Even at that, all pool owners should have adequate knowledge of how a pool pump works. To protect your pump from freezing, avoid putting out your pump during chilly weather.

Nevertheless, draining standing water on pool cover becomes a doodle with the exact device. Since your comfort is our priority, here are some crucial tips and tricks you can always hold on to.

Tips to Pump Water off Pool Cover

Sucking the water off your swimming pool cover is quite affordable and effortless to do. Nevertheless, keeping a record of some essential tips makes the job super easy and fast. Here is the rundown of the major tips for getting water off the pool cover.

Know how the Pumps work and Plan ahead

The key to successfully pump water off the pool cover is to plan. Instead of rushing to buy a water pump, it is essential to plan the whole procedure. Meanwhile, having limited knowledge about how the pumps work can also affect your planning.

It’s far-reaching to know that a pump automatically activates itself at any sight of water on the surface of the pool. Besides, it can also turn off itself whenever the pool cover is dry. What else? If you have a larger pool, a pump system with high capabilities is needed.

Purchase a compact electric pump

For all pool owners planning to purchase an electric pump to keep water off the pool cover, selecting a model with a space-saving design is essential. Even though electric pumps are expensive, they’re very much effective.

What attracts most users to this portable device is its adaptability. You will have no difficulties moving the pump around from one location to another. More importantly, you can effortlessly get hold of the tool and operate without any issue.

Select the right pool cover pump size

A small-sized pump with low energy is not ideal for a huge pool. Aside from the fact that it will not sufficiently keep water off your pool cover, it can also increase power consumption.

So, it’s wiser you get the perfect size of the pool cover pump tailored for your pool. To do this, know your pool’s maximum and minimum flow rate.   

Nevertheless, if you don’t know the kind of pump to purchase if you want to keep water off the pool cover, check out the next post.

The Best Pool Cover Water Pumps

Without any doubt, over a hundred thousands of pool cover water pumps are on the shelves. So, selecting the best of all might be a daunting project. But you know what? All you need is this guide. We’ll help you choose the best pumps to remove water from the pool. All pumps selected are of high and excellent quality. How about we check them out?

Wayne WAPC250-50GPM ¼ HP Automatic iSwitch Pool Cover Pump

Starting off our list is this superior pool cover pump from Wayne. To use this product, you only need to plug in and leave the pump to do justice to the water removal. Do you know it can pump water off pool covers up to 3000 GPH? That’s incredibly enough.

What else?  Wayne WAPC250-50GPM ¼ HP Automatic iSwitch Pool Cover Pump features a microprocessor that often keeps the pump primed for effective performances. Besides, it also comes with a built-in debris and snow protector for adequate safety.

Little Giant APCP-1700-29 GPM 1/3 HP Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Next is the Little Giant APCP-1700-29 GPM 1/3 HP Automatic Pool Cover Pump. It’s perfect for removing standing water on pool cover. This model is simple to use and maintain. Likewise, this submersible pool cover reduces excess strain on your body and the pool.

It doesn’t stop there! This unit features a long power cord that drains water off the pool cover up to 1725 GPH. Moreover, the pumps are compact and durable.

Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

If there’s one thing unique about this model, it’s its versatility. Besides, it’s known as an all-purpose pool cover. Not only is it durable, but also flexible. You can also use the pump to remove ice and dirt from the pool cover.

Another big draw of the model is that you can easily place the pump in different locations based on your taste. It also comes with a removable suction screen that adequately removes leaves that may hinder it from doing its job.

Nevertheless, there are other top pumps to remove water from pool covers you can choose from.

How to choose the Best Pumps to remove water from Pool Covers

Investing in the best pumps to remove water from pool covers will be an uphill battle due to the plethora of them available on the market today. So, to avoid buying a pool pump below the belt, you need to understand how it works. Nevertheless, to make it easy and simple to do, we’ve mapped certain factors you should consider when selecting a pool pump. Below are the factors!

  1.   Price
  2.   Gallons per hour
  3.   Automatic or manual
  4.   Filter efficiency
  5.   Durability
  6.   Cord length

It’s vital to cut your coat according to your size when choosing a pump to remove standing water on the pool cover. Meanwhile, most pumps are quite affordable. Moreover, the higher the price, the higher the quality. Since you want a reliable pool pump, you should be ready to pay more for them.

Also, you can either choose from an automatic pump or manual. You can as well check for their distinctive features before purchasing them. Do not forget to check for the pump’s cord length and filter efficiency. Its longevity also saves you more money. What else? Ensure you consider how many gallons of water the pool pumps can remove per hour.

Wrap up

Regardless of your pool size, a pool cover is essential. To maintain a pool cover, you need to draw water off the pool cover. However, with this post, draining water from the pool cover becomes a walk in the park. Ensure you zero in on the tips and tricks discussed, and then you’ll have no problem getting the task done.


Do I need to pump water off the pool cover?

Yes! Whether you’re using an above-ground pool cover or an in-ground pool cover, it’s essential to pump water off the pool cover. Doing this will not only keep your cover safe but will also protect your pool from unforeseen damages.  As a matter of fact, pool covers are not designed to accommodate a high weight of water.

Excessive water weight on the cover can increase stress and cause the pool cover to stretch. This, in turn, might shorten the cover’s lifespan. Consequently, it leads to thin spots, pinholes making room for excessive dirt and certain organisms into the pool. Owing to this, it might be difficult to perform a spring cleanup.

However, to get rid of the standing water on top of the cover, a good submersible pool cover pump is required.

How do you drain water above the ground pool cover?

Draining water above the ground pool cover becomes hassle-free with the right tool.  We recommend a roof rake or any other similar equipment to slide off snow from the swimming pool cover.

Likewise, ensure your tool is without sharp edges to avoid ripping your cover in a blink of an eye. This, in turn, might require you to spend a splash of money getting a new cover for your pool. More importantly, during winter, ensure the snow on the pool cover melts before keeping the water off.  

Can you leave the pool cover on for a long time?

No! Even with the variant benefits, it’s not without some flaws. It’s not advisable to leave your pool cover on all the time. That’s because the longer it stays on, the more likely you face unwanted pool problems.

It doesn’t matter whether your swimming pool cover is securely fixed. If you leave your pool cover on for an extended period, it might come off and cause it to fall into the pool. With this, your pool is at great risk of an increase in debris and germs.

 Also, it can cause your pool cover to rip up easily. So, it’s better to take necessary safety measures to keep your water clean and maintain your pool cover.   

How much water can a pool cover hold?

To maintain a healthy pool, it’s also beneficial to be mindful of the pool cover. Regardless of the type of pool cover, the pool water degree should not be anything less than 18” right from the top of the pool. That’s why it’s ideal for keeping the pool water level close or even below the skimmer whenever the pool cover is in use. 

Needless to go, a water level above 18” could cause damages to the cover and pool above your imagination. Meanwhile, the winter season often accumulates a lot of water.  So, to prevent stories that touch the heart, check the water level of the pool cover and remove excess water fast.

How do I keep the pool cover safe?

To start with, use a cover pump to remove standing water on the pool cover. Also, ensure you remove all forms of debris and dirt from the cover. To do this, you can use a soft pool brush for safe removal.

Avoid closing the cover after adding chemicals to your pool for effective treatment. What more? Thoroughly keep track of your pool cover and clean it when necessary. 

To safeguard your pool cover from chemicals in the pool, unfasten the cover at least once a week.  You can further check for obstructive elements that can damage the cover during open and shut.

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