Water is the most essential substance in our life, and it has faithfully served to humanity throughout our existence. Every person who owns a private house or a garden has regularly faced the need to drain a pool or remove standing water from the basement. Another challenge people regularly face is water shortage during the watering season. As a rule, the water pressure at such hours is very low. In short, we need water for various purposes, such as for watering lawns, flower beds, for regularly filling swimming pools, fountains, and water heating systems with water. Actually, that is the very reason we need electric water pumps in our lives so much.  A good and a reliable electric water pump is an indispensable utility for a good homeowner.

An electric water pump is the major attribute in water supply and irrigation systems. The performance of the whole system depends on the functionality of a pump. If you have initially selected a wrong water pump, for instance, the selected device is not powerful enough, or the design is not suitable for the purpose you have purchased it, then, without a doubt your pump will malfunction. Before choosing the right water pump, the one suitable for your needs, it necessary to consider the primary purpose along with the technical characteristics of the pump. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we will go over all the possible types of electric water pumps. Not only will we introduce the best electric water pumps currently dominating the market, but we also will carefully examine the essential functions of electric water pumps in order to facilitate the process of selection for you.

First of all, based on the quality of the liquid they pump, all the electric water pumps are generally categorized in two broad groups:

  • Electric water pumps for clean water
  • Electric water pumps for wastewater and sewage


Electric water Pumps for clean water

Pumps for clean water are divided into the following water pump types depending on the place of installation:

  •  Shallow-well pumps
  •  Deep well pumps
  •  Convertible Jet Well Pumps

Electric pumps for wells

This is a special and highly powerful type of pumping equipment. The task of such water pumps is lifting water from narrow and deep water mines. Their shape and design is conditioned by the immediate application and functionality. As to the type of their installation, electric well pumps are only submersible. Naturally, that is because of the location they are applied for, and the corresponding way of installation. In short, you install the pump down in the well and leave it there for the whole period of exploitation.

The technical characteristics of electric water pumps for wells depend on the depth of installation and well inflow/outflow performance. The pump pressure is directly related to the lift height.

“The water pumps designed specially for wells should be used while working at a depth of more than 8 feet”

Based on the location for their installation, we distinguish between the following two broad categories of electric water pumps:

  • Submersible electric water pumps (internal)
  • Surface electric water pumps (inline or external)

Apart from the commonly used electric water pumps, pumps with manual and mechanical drives are frequently used for the same purposes as electric water pumps. Nevertheless, those devices are gradually being replaced as electric water pumps are actively dominating the market. Still, in some specific situations their application is justified and quite useful. Manual pumps are used for pumping water from small water tanks (such as medium-sized pools) as well as for lifting water from the depth of 26 feet. Check out our atricle about best small electric water pumps.

Other Water Lifting Devices

Apart from the most common types of the pumping equipment introduced above, there are also devices for secondary purposes installed in the water supply system of residential buildings. Such supplementary devices include booster pumps, which increase water supply pressure at certain parts of the pipeline, and circulation pumps, which ensure nearly instant delivery of hot water each time a hot water tap is opened. Such equipment is not obligatory for installation. It is usually installed either if necessary or to maximize comfort and facilitate household life.

Sump pumps for drainage

The working principle of a sump pump is somewhat similar to the one of rotary pumps. The main difference is that drainage pumps are designed to pump liquid with solid wastes. Generally, submersible drainage pumps for household use are lightweight and their technical specifications fully correspond to the ones of lightweight pumps (such as pressure, lift height etc.). They are portable, which makes it possible to use them for pumping water wastes from several tanks.  Modern models of drainage pumps are equipped with float switches to automatize the performance protecting the device from overheating and malfunctions. The material of such pumps is carefully chosen to prevent corrosion. Sump pumps are able to pump moderately contaminated waste water from tanks, pools, water reservoirs, ponds, sewages and drainage wells. For pumping highly contaminated water, another type of drainage pumps is advised: a fecal pump.

Modern household electric pumps are multipurpose depending on their application and technical specifications. The article aimed to help the users get acquainted with the diversity of water pumps present in the market of household water pumps.


If you want to purchase a water pump, you should take into account that your choice largely depends on your needs. The mechanism of water pumps is generally simple for use, but depending on the purpose, location for installation and the type of liquid to be pumped, technical specifications of water pumps differ. All the electric pumps serve the same purpose and have the same function, still, that does not mean that all the types are used in the same way. You need to carefully choose the type of an electric water pump to effectively and timely pump the liquid. We hope you can make the right choice with our help.


  • I agree when you said that water is really the most essential substance in our everyday life. Actually, I am having a hard time helping my grandfather decide on whether he’d go after an electric pump or the ordinary well water. He needs a new one in his agricultural land and according to him, this must be installed at the soonest possible time.

  • I really appreciate your tip to try and access the primary purpose of your well pump before you choose one. My wife and I have been thinking of moving out to a very rural area, and we are afraid that we won’t be able to get enough water out to us from the city. If we ever need to get water if the main line shuts down, I will be sure to get a water pump that will meet our needs.

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